Argument Against Evergreen Elementary School District $125 Parcel Tax

As we renew these taxes to support our local school, the transparency behind where the money is going has dropped over the last five years . At the same time, the money we have been paying keeps going up. Now the School Board wants you to pay an increased 25% in taxes from the previous measure, with even less accountability and transparency.

When Measure T passed in 2008, we had access to yearly reports, that broke down where the money went. With 60% of your tax dollars going towards ‘Reduced Class Sizes”, without explaining what that actually means. After Measure H passed in 2014, we stopped getting public reports on where the money goes.

Instead, we get meeting minutes that simply state, “Expenses and Revenue were discussed” with no further details. That yearly report , that is supposed to be a part of the general budget report, has not been published publicly on the
districts' website during the entire time we have been paying for this parcel tax .
In addition, the school board has been reporting how much they are now getting from the State of California, from Proposition 30 passing. Now that Prop 30 has passed, this parcel tax has become redundant. There is no reason to keep double taxing on ourselves.

Governor Brown was happy to report that, because we over taxed the top 1% of taxpayers in California, our schools now have access to $2,400,000,000 surplus. Our kids matter, and having the best education possible matters. So why is our School Board asking us to renew a small $3.1 Million tax, and not asking the state to give us all that extra money they are required by law
to give us?


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