Campbell Union School District $98 Parcel Tax: Argument Against Measure P

With this latest so-called “temporary” parcel tax, Campbell Union School District trustees claim they need even higher amounts of our money in order to “sustain strong academic(s)…in reading, writing and math.

The district is already collecting 2015’s “temporary” parcel tax ($49) that isn’t finished until 2023.  Now they want to double that tax and start imposing it three years “early” for most homeowners.

Have they earned the right to this tax hike that would cost us over $1,074 over the next 9 years (on top of the taxes we are already paying)?

Let’s review their academic performance results:

          2017-18: 44.76% of students fall below grade level for English.

          2017-18: 50.69% of students fall below grade level for math.

(Source: Education Data Partnership, 

The District “rewarded” students, parents, and us taxpayers for our granting the 2015 tax … by dropping our children’s proficiency in both English and math!

Could that be the cause of the District’s steady decline in enrollment?

Should we, the voters, be rewarding the district, when each of two vital subjects have close to half the children scoring below grade level?

If you answered “no,” we urge you to vote NO on Measure P.

This District is already spending $12,760 per student per year  — ABOVE the statewide average — while providing below-average education.  Yet, they want more of our hard-earned money to pad their above-statewide-average salaries (averaging $85,584, plus up to $11,276 in annual benefits) and fat pension plans.

The District says none of the funds will be used for administration.  But funds generated separately from this parcel tax can be used for administration expenses, without limits.  So, that is really an empty promise.  Do not be fooled.

Tell Campbell Union School District’s trustees to be financially responsible: vote NO on Measure P.

Don’t reward failure, or you will get more failure!

Also endorsing a NO vote:

Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

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