Upcoming events

    • Thursday, June 27, 2019
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • IHOP, Santa Clara (private room)
    Lawrence McQuillan portrait, wearing smile suit tie glasses and with grey backdrop (color photo)

    The Department of Motor Vehicles—ever the butt of jokes about the bureaucratic idiosyncrasies of government agencies—has in 2019 earned the California Golden Fleece Award.  Dr. Lawrence McQuillan of the Independent Institute will tell us the all-too-serious reasons why.

    Please join us the evening of Thursday, June 27 for dinner, mingling with fellow taxpayers, and to learn how to help bring wasteful government agencies to account.

    WHERE: IHOP Restaurant (private room)
    4200 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara

    WHEN: Thursday, June 27
    6:30 P.M. - Registration and dinner
    7:00 P.M. - Program

    Member: $20 individual ($35 couples) 
    Nonmember: $25 individual ($45 couples)
    Registration includes dinner and a beverage.

    About the Speaker

    Lawrence J. McQuillan is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation at Oakland's Independent Institute. He received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University, and he has served as Chief Economist at the Illinois Policy Institute, Director of Business and Economic Studies at the Pacific Research Institute, Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution. He's the author of California Dreaming: Lessons on How to Resolve America's Public Pension Crisis

    Dr. McQuillan created the California Golden Fleece Awards to highlight a state or local spending program or regulation that fleeces California taxpayers, consumers, or businesses. He has been an advisor for the California State Assembly Judiciary Committee, Socioeconomic Council of Madrid, Colorado Governor Bill Owens, Heritage/Wall Street Journal Index of Economic Freedom, California State Senator Tom McClintock, and many organizations worldwide.

Past events

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