Argument Against Fremont Union High School District Parcel Tax - Measure J


It was just 4 short years ago that voters passed the current $98 per parcel tax, which isn’t set to expire until 2016.


So, why is Fremont Union High School District seeking early renewal of this parcel tax?


In 2008, voters passed a $198,000,000 bond measure to “improve energy efficiency.”  Where did the money go, from those energy savings?


The District is even asking to borrow $295,000,000! (Measure K on this ballot)


Now they’re back, once again, asking for our approval to extend that 2010 parcel tax for another 6 years. The District always makes the same threats to try to scare us into voting for more debt and higher taxes. 


This time, we should tell them NO.


Fremont Union High School District already pays teachers well above average:



District Pay

Statewide Average

Above average by…

Lowest Salary Offered






BA + 60




Highest Salary Offered






Average Paid




(Source: Education Data Partnership,


And when you consider that teachers work only 184 days a year, compared to employees in the private sector, who work, on average, 240 days a year (not counting vacation and holidays), they are very well compensated for their job.


Californians already suffer under a huge tax burdenundefinedso huge that it’s driving businesses and jobs to other states.  In today’s election, our county’s school districts (including Fremont Union High School District) are asking forloans totaling $1,244,000,000.  That’s over a thousand million dollars! And that’s not counting parcel, sales, transit occupancy, open space, and utility taxes that government agencies also want today..


Tax-wise, we’re suffering death by a thousand cuts.


Please vote NO on Measure J.


Like us, you can be for schools, for students, for teachers, and against Measure J.

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