Argument Against Measure BB

Can you afford a 5% increase in your assessed value property taxes for the next 32 years?  Measure BB seeks to increase our current bond taxes from $82.80 per $100,000 to $132.80 per $100,000 of assessed value, an increase of 60% in SCUSD bond taxes.  Our community’s total additional debt burden from Measure BB will be about $2.16 billion over 32 years, including bond principal, financing, and interest. 

There are no exemptions for anyone from this tax, regardless of ability to pay.  For the current average assessed value of $500,000, Measure BB increases SCUSD bond taxes from $414 to $664 in the first year; the total will rise each year with the allowable 2% Prop 13 increase in assessed value.

Currently, we have 4 SCUSD bonds on our property taxes, including $819 million in bonds added since 2004.  Measure BB will be SCUSD’s 5th bond, and the 18th additional assessment on our property taxes.  Families are moving away due to high housing costs; Measure BB increases our already onerous taxes.

By state law, bond measures must include ‘a specific list of projects’.  Measure BB gives a laundry list of possible projects, without guarantees or prioritization; many projects are duplicates of projects named in prior bonds. 

We expect transparency from the district regarding spending of our bond dollars. While an oversight committee and annual audits are promised for each bond, most of the bond audits and oversight meeting minutes are missing from the district’s website.  We currently can’t tell how our bond dollars are being spent.

While paying off 4 district bonds already on our property taxes, do we have room to pay for a 5th bond?  You can be for students, for schools, and against a burdensome new bond we can’t afford.

Please vote No on Measure BB. 

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