Colma TOT Argument Against Measure PP

Colma wants to impose a 12% Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) on guests in the hotels, motels and inns here.  

The City Council in Colma wants people who don’t live in Colma and largely do not use city services to pay for the services used by businesses and homeowners who do live and work in Colma.

In other words, they want a free ride and stick out of towners with the bill.

Would you do that to your friends, family, or co-workers?

No, because that would be immoral.  It’s a form of theft.

If you use city services, shouldn’t you be the one to pay for them?

Do you go to a restaurant and always except someone else to pick up the tab?

Those who regularly do that are called grifters.  Or petty thieves.

Just because the Colma City Council wants to offer you a free ride and stick it to out of towners to pay the bill/tax, doesn’t make it right.

And even if a majority of voters approve of the theft, it’s still wrong.

Stealing is stealing regardless if a vote is taken or not.

Making visitors to Colma pay for services that they won’t or can’t use, is immoral.

It’s wrong and the voters should vote NO on Measure PP.

Stealing is stealing and it is just wrong!

If voters repeal the TOT, more visitors would stay in Colma and that would help boost the local economy.


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