Argument Against the Los Altos $65,000,000 Bond Issue: Measure A


When the Los Altos City Council puts a bond measures like Measure A before the voters, what are they saying? They are admitting that everything they are spending your tax dollars on now, is more important than the projects for which this tax increase is being sought. 


Budgets set priorities.  The Los Altos City Council is saying that every dollar they spend today is going to something they consider a higher priority than to renovate or to “replace the nearly 70-year old Hillview Community Center”   


Do you agree?


If renovation or replacement of the Hillview Community Center is a priority, why isn’t in the annual City budget?


The answer is clear; it’s not a priority for the Los Altos City Council.


And if it is NOT a priority for them, why should it be a priority for you?  Especially since you are being asked to pay for it.


Is this the best use of your tax dollars?


If your answer is “no,” please vote NO on Measure A.


Also, remember like a home mortgage, bonds have to be paid back, with interest.


And what is the interest going to be on this $65,000,000 bond measure?


Answer: no one knows!  Legally it could be as high at 12%.


Would you take out a home mortgage without knowing what the interest rate is going to be?


Absolutely not!  But, that’s exactly what the Los Altos City Council is asking you to do.


If you don’t think the community center is worth an additional $65,000,000 plus 25-30 years of interest payments, above what you already pay in taxes, you should
vote NO.


If you think taking out a loan without knowing the interest rate is nuts, you should vote NO on Measure A.


If you think you can spend your money more wisely than the City Council, you should vote NO on Measure A.

For more information from the Los Altos Neighbors, please visit their web site at

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