Argument Against the San Mateo/Foster City Elementary School District $148,000,000 Bond Issue: Measure X


In 2014, voters in the District overwhelming rejected a $130,000,000 bond measure.


Yet, the School District Board clearly didn’t get the message.  Now, they’re back for that $130,000,000 plus another $18,000,000.


What part of NO didn’t the school board get?


They claim this bond measure is needed to provide 50 new classrooms for enrollment that has increased from school year 2011-12 to 2013-14 (latest figures available) by 501 students.


That’s only 10 students per classroom.  Let’s do the math: $148,000,000 divided by 50 new classrooms equals $2,960,000 per classroom.


Those sure must be very special classroom at $2,960,000 each!


In 2010, just 5 years ago, voters in the district did pass a parcel tax to “support smaller class sizes”.


What happened to that money?  Clearly, if they need 50 new classrooms, that money didn’t get spent on class size reduction.


Finally, school bonds, just like mortgages, have to be paid back, in full, plus interest.   These interest payments (tax money from you) don’t go to teachers, libraries, computers, or maintenance, etc.; they just go to service the debt.


Debt you have to pay for.   Debt your children will have to pay for and debt your grandchildren will have to pay for.  Bonds can last up to 40 years!!!


Is this the best use of your tax dollars? At some point, enough is enough!


If you oppose this huge debt burden, please vote NO on Measure X.


Make the School Board pay attention to you: no means no!!!


You can be for schools, for students, and against Measure X.

For detailed information about the San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District, including teacher salaries, enrollment figures, complete budget information, history of past bond measures and parcel taxes, and a host of other information, please visit this web site:

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